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Rubber Sportflooring

Discover all Rubber Sportfloorings for Gyms, Crossfit and others !

Rubber and Silicone Sheets

Discover all SBR, CR, EPDM, NBR, Viton, Para & Silicone rubber sheets in this section, FDA approved.
We offer different qualities and hardnesses per categorie and have an extended range of rubber sheets following the FMVSS 302.
Our nice diecut qualities in rubber and silicone are all chosen carefully in order to supply you for the beste possible price/quality rate and not to forget our strong nylon or cotton plies which give an extended tearresistance to our rubber sheets !

Rubber floormatting

From stable to showroom rubber floormatting.
All our rubber floormattings are provide with a cloth impression in order to make the perfect glueing to your existing floor.
The upside/visuable surface has different patterns to your choice with big rol dimensions to cover your floor with as less as possible seams.


Silicone and Rubber profiles

Junta Polymers offers you the possibility to supply both standard and customized profiles in both EPDM, which is Ozone, UV and weather resistant, and Silicone with its high temperature resistance. Quotation can be based on your drawing, design or sample.

Our profiles are produced with the latest new techniques in order to provide you with a high-quality product at competitive prices.


Very qualitative Sponge rubber material available in different densities and surface structures. Popular versions in Sponge rubber are rolls, balls and sheets. Excellent for cleaning concrete pumps and pipelines in the beer or wine industry, architectural, label printing, etc…
Our Spongerubber has a good abrasian resistancy, but is also a very soft material.

Rubber molded parts

Junta Polymers produces following your technical drawing or sample a required rubber molded part.
hereby we offer different qualities and hardnesses.