Rubber Profiles

What can we offer?

Junta Polymers

Rubber or silicone profiles according to your technical drawing or sample.
We also have the option to extrude your profile according to an annual assignment with partial deliveries to avoid long delivery times.
This makes us a very flexible company that is open to innovation with short delivery times wherever possible.

Silicone Profiles (full rubber or sponge rubber)

By means of new techniques we can manufacture a mold for Silicone profiles only 3 days after the order!
All our Silicone profiles or cords are FDA and EC1935 / 2004 approved and available in all RAL colors from 25 to 80 Sh.A!
Standard colors for silicone is transparent and red / brown.

EPDM Rubber Profiles (full rubber or sponge rubber)

In addition to silicone profiles, we can also offer you EPDM rubber profiles in full rubber or sponge rubber, whether or not self-adhesive.
EPDM is the abbreviation for “Ethylene-Propylene-diene-monomer” and is a group of synthetic rubbers or elastomers.
It is obtained by the polymerization.
Junta Polymers is very strong in the production and distribution of EPDM rubber profiles in all markets with a great quality that is UV and Ozone resistant.

Many of our rubber or silicone profiles are used for sealing doors, shutters and windows for the automotive, construction and shipping industries, where the highest demands are made on sustainable watertightness under all circumstances.
We offer FKM, VMQ, EPDM, or NBR profiles of excellent qualities with long life years!

After the extrusion process we provide a powder-coated, siliconized or dry standard version after extrusion of the profile in question, which is carefully supplied in a correct manner or according to the wishes of the customer.