Rubber molded parts

What can we offer ?

Junta Polymers offers you a wide range of rubber molded parts.
Our specialized machines for compression or injection can produce every possible shape in VMQ (silicone), EPDM, NBR, CR, FKM or SBR rubber molded parts.

Besides standard compounds , Junta Polymers offers the possibility in improving the Technical properties such as tensile and tear strength, elongation at break, hardness or compression sets which upgrades your part to a higher quality level.
Our rubber molded parts can be produced with or without metal parts.

Junta Polymers offers you a high-quality rubber molded parts but above all we are convinced to be the perfect partner which provides you the flexibility and the fast service you are looking for.

Rubber molded parts

Junta Polymers develops your rubber part according to a technical drawing or sample. The mold therefore needed ( Injection or compression molding ) will be produced after your approval of the total concept. Once the first samples get your approval , we proceed with the serial production for rubber molded parts.

For a smooth and fast delivery of serial productions, we can take partial deliveries of your annual consumption in stock to prevent unexpected stock breaks in your production or unexpected orders. In this way you will be delivered within 48 hours inside the Benelux or other countries.